A Few of the Things I Hate

The phrase “meat on them bones.”
Diet Dr. Hy-Vee.
Stories where the main character is an obvious author surrogate.
Warm melted ice cream.
Mindless repetition.
People who suck at encouragement, yet try anyway.
The texture of cat tongues.
Wedding-flavored cakes.
Mindless repetition.
Pack rats (compulsive hoarders).
Programs that start up with your computer for no reason.
The taste of alcohol.
Most network tv shows, especially sitcoms.
Mindless repetition.
Ground beef.
Gambling, except for $2 lottery tickets.
Justin Bieber’s facial expression.
Body dysmorphia.
Mowing lawns.
Being forced into doing things.
Mindless repetition.
My need to exercise.
People who refuse to be honest, direct, or upfront.
Plantar warts.
Bad drivers.
Wyandotte County.
People from Johnson County…usually.
Mindless repetition.
People who constantly tell the same few stories.
Gender stereotypes and expectations.
People who change completely when they start a romantic relationship.