The Effects of Multitasking

(I wrote this 600-word short story as an exercise. It had to be about “the effects of multitasking.”)

Professor Kirkpatrick sat at his computer desk, eagerly awaiting the moment when his hijacked CIA satellite would be positioned exactly above Dublin. In another few minutes, he would be able to dispatch his psychoactive message of peace directly into a million minds, obliterating their violent instincts and leaving them docile and ready to be commanded.

Kirkpatrick had carefully planned this assault for a Thursday evening because Thursday was cross-stitch night, the only time in the week when his wife would be away from home for more than an hour or two. So far, everything had gone smoothly.

Kirkpatrick set the microphone to activate automatically when the satellite reached its final position above the city’s center. Although the message was mostly subliminal, the verbal command had to be delivered at the right moment and in the right inflection based on the atmospheric conditions. He was forced to speak it manually to ensure it would be properly received by the citizens’ brains.

As Kirkpatrick began to test the microphone’s sensitivity, his daughter Angie entered without knocking, as usual. She was rubbing her eyes and dragging her favorite stuffed bunny along the carpet behind her.

“Mr. Bunnifer can’t sleep!” she said, forgetting to use her inside voice.

Kirkpatrick turned toward Angie with a start, accidentally setting his microphone’s sensitivity to its maximum.

“Daddy can’t put Mr. Bunnifer to sleep right now,” he said. “I’m preparing to conquer the capital of Ireland.”

“He needs to be tucked in right.” she said, resolute. “Mommy does it right.”

Kirkpatrick checked his watch. “Sweetie, if I hit Limerick instead of Dublin, it’s not going to have as much of an impact on world politics.” He gave his daughter a stern look. “Mr. Bunnifer can wait fifteen minutes to get tucked in.”

Angie looked back at her father with a doe-eyed face and held up the stuffed animal. “If you don’t hug him, he won’t sleep ever again. I know it.”

Kirkpatrick’s expression softened as he looked into her innocent little eyes. His daughter was the reason he had started this project in the first place, and she deserved all the love and comfort he could provide. After all, how could he command an army of mindless servants if it meant neglecting his own daughter?

Kirkpatrick picked up his daughter and bunny in his arms and hugged them both tightly. He felt his daughter sigh as he set her back down on the carpet.

“Mr. Bunnifer can sleep now,” she said.

“Good. You can go to back to bed, then.” Kirkpatrick knelt down and patted the stuffed animal on its head. “Be a good bunny,” he said.

Angie plodded out of his office with her bunny behind her. Kirkpatrick turned back to the microphone and prepared to deliver his command to the people of Dublin, but froze when he saw that the satellite had already moved past the center of the city.

“Oh, no,” he mumbled, trying to figure out message what he might have broadcast. “I just told them to sleep, right? It’s not ideal, but it’s still a good test.”

Kirkpatrick cut to the live feed from his surveillance cameras in Dublin hoping to see a city of narcoleptics, but the reality was much worse.

All the citizens were crouched on all fours, wiggling their cheeks and looking around furtively. Occasionally, they would leap forward a few feet and land awkwardly. The parks were now full of men and women gnawing on the grass, bushes, and trash. The citizens were certainly docile enough, but they would be useless servants now. At least they would breed quickly.

A Fine Art Heist

(I wrote this story at ConQuesT 46 in Kansas City. I had to write it in less than one hour and include a velvet painting (again!), a time traveler, a log cabin, joining a pirate crew, and the first line, “He watched the ship as it hovered, then landed no more than five feet in front of him.” It won best sci-fi story in the pro division! That makes two years running!)

He watched the ship as it hovered, then landed no more than five feet in front of him. The space pirates were right on time, as always. Then again, they were able to control time, so punctuality was expected. Thomas would finally be able to join their ranks, just as soon as he gave them his prize.

The entry hatch popped open and the metal stairway extended out. The captain stood at the top, waiting for Thomas to ascend. She was radiant, as always. The again, she could control time, so her beauty was unchanged by her centuries of service in the Space Pirate Brotherhood. Eternal life was one of the many perks that pirates enjoyed after joining the crew.

Thomas entered the ship, carrying the large paper-wrapped rectangle in front of him like a shield. The captain gave him a rare smile as he walked past her and into the cargo bay.

“This is it?” she asked, looking it over with her piercing gaze.

“You bet,” Thomas replied. “The most valuable painting the 21st century has to offer: Girl with a Pearl Earring. After I stole it, I burned the museum to the ground. History will say it turned to ash with the rest of the artwork.”

“But we know better,” she said. “How did you escape detection? Did anyone spot you stealing this?”

“Not a soul. After I wrapped up the painting, I hid out in the abandoned log cabin where you picked me up. It’s been three months and no one has found a single trace of my existence.”


The captain led Thomas to the bridge, where they could begin their return to the 24th century. The painting was considered the perfect example of fine art, a beautiful oil painting that would sell to the highest bidder for an exorbitant amount.

“Return us to the future,” she told the pilot. “One second per year should be quick enough.”

The ship took off and began speeding through the years, safe from the passage of time and its damaging effects. As they shifted silently through time, the captain tore away the paper wrapping and exposed the painting within. Her faint smile vanished immediately, replaced by a stern, incredulous expression.

“Dogs?” she said. “Playing … poker?” She touched the surface. “This isn’t even canvas; it’s some kind of nasty velvet!”

Thomas began stuttering a response. “Th-the guard! He-he must’ve switch paintings on me! B-but he swore he was trustworthy!”

The captain turned her gaze on him, her otherworldly beauty shining through her furious face.

“You lost the artifact and you fraternized with the natives? You know what that means, don’t you?”

He did. The Space Pirate Brotherhood punished all infractions with premature aging. Unless he became a member, he would never be able to reverse the process.

“You’ll be aged another 99 years,” she said, “and you’re blacklisted. Fortunately, the hospice center will be able to keep you alive for quite a while, but you won’t be able to move. I imagine you’ll be in endless pain.”

Thomas began feeling the effects immediately, his body aging as quickly as the ship moved through time. In minutes, he became a living shriveled husk.

The captain smiled as she tapped him with her foot, her gorgeous grin brightening the entire bridge.

“I might hang this up in my ready room,” she said. “I never really cared for fine art, anyway.”

Space Doctor

(I wrote this 500-word short story as an exercise. It had to be about a space doctor delivering news (good or bad) to a patient.)

The space doctor emerged from the backroom laboratory and entered the brightly lit examination room with a gloomy expression on his face.

“Well, give me the bad news, space doctor,” I said.

“I’m not a space doctor,” he answered. “I’m a janitor.”

I laughed. “If you’re not a space doctor, then what are you doing with that medical apparatus?”

He glanced at the instrument in his hand. “The mop? I was cleaning the floor in the women’s restroom.”

“I see. So if that’s the women’s restroom, then where is the medical laboratory?”

He seemed confused. “We don’t have any laboratories here.”

“Are you trying to tell me we’re not in an intergalactic hospital?”

“No. This is a grocery store.”

I looked around and realized the space doctor was right. In fact, we appeared to be in the freezer section of my local Value For Less, a grocery outlet that offered tremendous savings on a wide variety of everyday merchandise. Concerned about this distressing development, I turned back to the doctor.

“Listen, doc, I desperately need to be treated for a serious case of space syphilis. You’re the only one who can help me.”

He deposited his so-called mop in a large yellow canister nearby. “Look, if you have syphilis, you should see a real doctor at a real hospital.”

“It’s not syphilis, though; it’s space syphilis. I contracted it during sexual intercourse in space.”

“I seriously doubt you’ve ever been to space.”

I was about to laugh at his incredulity, but I paused for a moment. Had I been to space? Once I thought about it, I couldn’t remember ever having left the planet Earth.

“So maybe I’ve never been to space, but I still need to be treated for my syphilis.”

“There’s really nothing I can do for you,” the space doctor replied. “If you’re sick, see a doctor.”

“I don’t feel sick, though. Syphilis has no symptoms.”

“Yeah, it does.” He gave me a funny look. “So there’s nothing wrong with you, but you’re still convinced you have a sexually transmitted disease?”

“Actually, if I’ve never been to space, I’ve probably never had sex.”

“You’ve never had sex?”

“Not with another person, no.”

“If you’ve never had sex and you don’t feel sick, I don’t think you can possibly have any kind of syphilis. Honestly, you look fine.”

I sighed with relief. “So you think I’ll be okay?”

“Absolutely. Anyway, I need to get back to mopping the bathroom or my supervisor will write me up.”

“Thank you so much, doc.” I shook his hand.

The space doctor collected his cleaning equipment and returned to the women’s restroom.

I retrieved my shopping cart from the nearest aisle and continued shopping for frozen goods. As I picked out a selection of ice cream treats to celebrate my clean bill of health, I muttered aloud to myself, “Space can be a strange and confusing place.”

The Chatters

(I wrote this story at ConQuesT 45 in Kansas City. I had to write it in less than one hour and include a velvet painting, a trapped ghost, an alien planet, hiding from an unseen danger, and the first line, “He could feel the water rushing into his lungs.” It won best sci-fi story in the pro division!)

He could feel the water rushing into his lungs. Dr. Gladwell had told him the planet was completely devoid of water, so either something had filled the craters with it or Dr. Gladwell had been wrong yet again.

“The surface of the planet is like a velvet painting,” she had said. “There is a fine layer of hairlike follicles on the surface, but it appears to be perfectly smooth. Over the centuries, meteors have left vast craters in the ground, but the follicles eventually covered their floors.”

He asked if the planet was like a giant hairball.

“Of course not. These follicles, despite their ever-changing nature, couldn’t possibly be the byproduct of a living organism,” she replied.

As it turned out, his theory had been more accurate than the doctor’s. The fuzz, as he liked to call it, was most definitely alive. It was the sole source of sustenance for the Chatters, an alien race whose existence Gladwell had also failed to anticipate.

The Chatters took no interest in his landing pod or his meaty flesh, but they did crave one thing: idle conversation.

The planet lacked anything remotely akin to weather, but the Chatters discussed it anyway. They had no family structures, but they still complained about relatives. They knew no hunger or thirst thanks to the fuzz and their underground water supply, but they still talked about planning meals and their worries about “the harvest.”

There was no harvest.

He started to lose his temper after three days of hearing about the nonexistent sports the Chatters never played. He tried plugging his ears, but the Chatters were telepathic.

The rescue craft was not due for another six months, but after a week, he finally lost it. He tried to run and hide during a lull in the dull conversation about traffic jams. (The Chatters had no vehicles).

He rushed to the underground river, which was accessible through a tunnel in one of the craters. He was able to hide and survive on fuzz and river water.

After a week, he felt the Chatters’ psychic energy probing the tunnel, looking for his brain waves. They wanted to tell him about their stressful jobs, even though none of them worked. He had no choice but to swim downriver.

The current swept him away too quickly, and he ended up in the largest domed crater on the planet with almost no air left. He struck a patch of fuzz on the crater floor then tried to swim away. He couldn’t. The fuzz was less like a velvet painting and more like a sheet of hairy fly paper. Movement was impossible. He cursed Gladwell’s name as the water filled his lungs and he drowned.

His ghost floated to the surface and up to the dome, where it stopped moving. The dome was composed of transparent dolomite, an incorporeally impermeable mineral. He had nowhere to go; his ghostly form wouldn’t let him sink and the dome wouldn’t let him rise.

The Chatters rushed into the lake, and then they climbed out of the water and onto the rocky shore. Their telepathic voices began speaking in unison, directly into his soul’s thoughts.

The Chatters wanted to talk about politics. They had no government, but they definitely had a lot to say.


(I entered this poem in a competition at WillyCon 2014 and it won second place! The other entries are listed here.)



At approximately 7:20 PM

January 7, 2014,

my wife’s uterus unleashed

a monstrous abomination.


The creature made a sound

like a caged orangutan

and refused to stop,

even when I severed its lifeline.


It had become self-sufficient,

but still couldn’t position

its absurdly large head

without assistance.


Against my better judgement,

I allowed it into my home,

where it continues to plague

my entire existence.


At erratic intervals it craves

an alarming viscous fluid

that secretes from my wife’s breasts

throughout the day.


Its feces accumulate

in a bag around its waist

and must be discarded

or it never stops wailing.


Unless I manage to find

an appropriate means of escape,

I may be in real danger.

It keeps getting bigger.

How to Substitute Teach: An Informative Guide

I have now been certified as a substitute teacher for nearly 17 months, and I have spent no fewer than 8 days in class as a sub. I feel that these qualifications make me the perfect candidate to tell the world how to substitute teach. I have written a bulleted list of tips and other information on the art of subbing, so you can take the simplest and safest approach to the job. The list is not in any particular order, nor is it intended to be all-encompassing.

– As a substitute teacher, you must always remember that expectations are low. Extremely low. Unbelievably low. You will be considered “successful” if you avoid injuries, felonies, insurrection, alcohol use, and anything involving fire or explosives. Substitute teachers are considered above average if they have an 85% success rate or higher, based on these criteria.

– One of your most important duties is counting the hours and minutes until the end of the day. Try to know the absolute earliest you can leave, and be sure to use that in your calculations. There will usually be a schedule somewhere in the classroom, which will make it easier to count down to the end of the current class or lunchtime.

– Make sure the students know you do not want to be there. Various remarks or facial expressions can make this a great deal more apparent, but a general sense of listlessness and exhaustion is effective as well. Because the students do not want to be there either, this will garner sympathy. Sympathy and pity will prevent the students from acting out, because they will feel a great deal of guilt about making things worse. On the other hand, some students will sense your weakness and go for the kill. Students can smell weakness from miles away.

– Try to look young and naive or old and doddering, whichever is easier for you. This will also help the students feel sorry for you. If you seem to be incapable of controlling the classroom, the kinder students will do so, saving you a great deal of effort.

– Indifference is your greatest asset. As soon as you begin to feel anything approaching an emotion, think instead of what you will do after work, and you will immediately stop caring. Possible things to think about include alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, cable television, internet purchases, and being around people over the age of 18.

– At no point should you take an interest in the students. It’s really none of your business, and the district isn’t paying you to learn, just to be a teacher.

– The title “substitute teacher” is a bit of a misnomer. If you manage to teach anything during the day, you have probably made a mistake. Note the circumstances so you can prevent similar incidents in the future.

– At the beginning of the day, write your name and the current date on the front board. However, this will not prevent students from asking what your name is and what day it is.

– Around lunchtime, your eyes will no longer be able to focus. This is normal. Whether it is due to hunger or boredom, no one can say, but it will go away whenever you look at the clock, so it is nothing to worry about.

– Remember to appreciate that nothing you do matters. As soon as the regular teacher is back, you will be immediately forgotten.

– The students will try to convince you that their regular teacher lets them get away with absurd things. It’s best to just acquiesce to these requests.

– When students arrive for class, you can expect both disappointment and enthusiasm, which will always accompany the phrase “oh, we have a sub.”

– Students will just keep arriving throughout the day. This is impossible to avoid.

– Threats of violence against students are not unheard of, but are not recommended as a matter of course.

– Contemplating suicide is not out of the question either, but verbal threats to do so are only appropriate as a last resort.

– If you like teaching or being an educator, never become a substitute teacher.

What a Disappointing World

I see trees of brown, dead roses too,

I see them fade, thanks to me and you.

And I think to myself,

What a disappointing world.

I see skies of gray, and clouds of black,

The rain falls down; the lightning cracks.

And I think to myself,

What a disappointing world.

The colors of the pavement, so ugly on the ground,

are also in the hearts of the people all around.

I see them brush shoulders, saying “out of my way”

They’re really saying, “get the fuck out of my way.”

I hear little kids whine and I watch them eat

They’ll never study, but they know how to tweet.

And I think to myself

What a disappointing world.

Yes, I think to myself

What a disappointing world.



This quiz is guaranteed to produce completely meaningless results based on completely unrelated choices. I have planned it very carefully, so take it seriously.

Choose a letter:
1. A
2. J
3. M

Choose a prime number:
1. 113
2. 19
3. 71

Choose a legendary bird Pokemon:
1. Moltres
2. Zapdos
3. Articuno

Choose a symbol:
1. #
2. &
3. %

Choose a Disney pseudoprincess:
1. Nala
2. Maid Marian
3. Tinkerbell

Choose a chess piece:
1. Bishop
2. Rook
3. King

Choose a fear:
1. Arachnophobia
2. Aquaphobia
3. Aerophobia

Choose an actress:
1. Elisabeth Shue
2. Eddie Murphy in drag
3. Minnie Driver

Choose an addictive substance:
1. Nicotine
2. Methamphetamine
3. Heroin

Choose a female body type:
1. Pear-shaped
2. Apple-shaped
3. Tangerine-shaped

Choose a secretion:
1. Sebum
2. Smegma
3. Earwax

Choose a saga:
1. Gosta Berlings
2. St. Olaf
3. Gutasaga

Choose a console:
1. Playstation 3
2. Xbox 360
3. Sega Dreamcast

Choose a surname:
1. Huxtable
2. Poseidon
3. Raper

Choose a question word:
1. How
2. Which
3. When

Choose a process:
1. Urination
2. Defecation
3. Vomiting

Choose a color:
1. White
2. Purple
3. Orange

Choose a disc format:
1. Blu-ray
2. DVD
3. Laserdisc

Choose an abbreviation:
1. TNT
2. TNA
3. TWA

Choose a candy bar:
1. Butterfinger
2. Caramello
3. Reese’s Cups

Now, add up the number of 1, 2, and 3 answers you had, and whichever is highest is you. If there’s a tie, just choose one. You don’t need my permission.

One (1)
Like most ones, you are sassy and sophisticated. You have a strange sexual perversion you constantly need to satisfy. If you are in a relationship, it won’t work out. Try something new tomorrow, in case you’re about to lose your job or flunk out. The word that best describes you is mustang.

Two (2)
Like most twos, you are organized and spontaneous. You have a drive to complete things, but usually fuck them up anyway. If you are in a relationship, it might work out. Try sneezing with your eyes open, because it’s probably impossible. The word that best describes you is mustache.

Three (3)
Like most threes, you are engaging and tiresome. Your chief hobby is a waste of time; you’d do best to start over with something else. If you are in a relationship, it will work out. Try watching a foreign movie with no subtitles, just to see if you can follow the plot. The word that best describes you is mustard.

A Few of the Things I Hate

The phrase “meat on them bones.”
Diet Dr. Hy-Vee.
Stories where the main character is an obvious author surrogate.
Warm melted ice cream.
Mindless repetition.
People who suck at encouragement, yet try anyway.
The texture of cat tongues.
Wedding-flavored cakes.
Mindless repetition.
Pack rats (compulsive hoarders).
Programs that start up with your computer for no reason.
The taste of alcohol.
Most network tv shows, especially sitcoms.
Mindless repetition.
Ground beef.
Gambling, except for $2 lottery tickets.
Justin Bieber’s facial expression.
Body dysmorphia.
Mowing lawns.
Being forced into doing things.
Mindless repetition.
My need to exercise.
People who refuse to be honest, direct, or upfront.
Plantar warts.
Bad drivers.
Wyandotte County.
People from Johnson County…usually.
Mindless repetition.
People who constantly tell the same few stories.
Gender stereotypes and expectations.
People who change completely when they start a romantic relationship.

The Ideal (Manly) Mix Tape

Love is a many-splendored thing. It is also a many-gendered thing. As there are TWO major genders, and few other significant genders worth mentioning, I feel that I should address the inevitable question: how would a woman get into a man’s pants? Men are known for being extremely reluctant to enter the bedroom and remove said pants.

BUT! BUT! BUT! There is always the greatest of standby resources, the mix tape! Are men exempt from the otherworldly charms of a mix tape? NO! The answer is NO! And by that I mean YES! Any gentleman will gladly unbutton his trousers to unleash his lanky privates after being given and/or listening to the following list of musical tracks, in order. As for a long-term relationship, anything is possible after these songs and sex. Anything.

1. The Green Acres Theme Song
In terms of gender, this song is flawless. Female subservience is heavily implied by the fact that “you are my wife” is enough of a reason to convince the woman to move to Green Acres. Not only that, but farming is all about animal sex, and when you have to convince a man to fuck, animal sex is always a good option. No, I have never watched this TV series.

2. The Star Wars Theme Song
The double theme song start has already been proven by my other mix tape, but just for the record, it is perfect. Two theme songs in a row is like two orgasms in a row, only better. In this case, the man’s geekiness is being caressed by the music of John Williams. Even people who hate Star Wars (read: non-geeks [read: jocks]) love the theme song because it is iconic. As for the yellow, receding letters, you might think those would be a perfect cover for this tape, but you are WRONG, as always. No, the cover of this tape will be far better.

3. Your Body is a Wonderland – John Mayer
It’s highly important to get started on the physical references quickly, or the man will forget all about it. If he forgets about sex, good luck getting him to think about it again. Men just hate sex. I can’t stress that enough. Anyway, by telling him that his body is a wonderland, you remind him what it would be like to have John Mayer exploring his crevasses, and that is always an instant turn-on.

4. I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Mulan
No explanation needed.

5. Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall
This is how you touch his feminine side with your woman-probe, if you know what I mean.

6. Fat – Weird Al Yankovic
Men need constant reassurance that the size of their genitals is exceptional, or at the very least, adequate. While a song entitled “The Size of Your Genitals is Adequate” would be a loving, romantic gesture, that song has not been written yet. So what are we left with? Innuendo. So few songs seem to reference this key masculine attribute, especially in any direct fashion. Our only choice at this point is to insert a relatively clear reference to size in general, and hope that the man thinks of his penis. In this case, the obvious choice is Weird Al Yankovic, largely because “Fat” implies width, rather than length, which most women find is more important.

7. Now You’re a Man – DVDA
While there are numerous references to masculinity on this tape, this is the most important one. It says, “you are masculine enough for me,” even if this fellow really is not. It also suggests (merely suggests, mind you) that you’ve seen the movie Orgazmo, which will just fill him with glee.

8. The Power of Love – Huey Lewis and the News
Huey Lewis is alleged to have a huge johnson. As for the power of love, it’s not all that impressive. This song, however, was nominated for an Academy Award, so that furthers your alleged cinematic knowledge and taste.

9. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble
This is a classy song. Michael Buble has so much class his surname contains an accent. It’s also a cute song that I genuinely like (honesty here), so that means all men like it, of course.

10. Circles – Soul Coughing
No explanation needed.

11. Mixed Up S.O.B. – The Presidents of the United States of America
Love is confusing. Show this man that it is perfectly alright for him to be confused.

12. Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me – The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a key part of any relationship, as all women know. This is also a subtle way of suggesting physical contact between the two of you. That way he knows it’s okay if he touches your breasticles while the two of you are holding hands or whatever. If it’s not, just buy one of those electric bras. Make sure it fits properly, though. 85% of women wear improperly-fitted bras.

13. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy – Queen
Yeah, it’s kind of gay, but this song makes him feel like an old-fashioned queen. There’s nothing wrong with that in my book. Then again, that book is pretty messed up.

14. Clock Town, Third Day – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
This song exudes liveliness and inevitable death. As such, it’s perfect for a mix tape. I only wish there were room for more video game music on this tape…

15. Double Team – Tenacious D
The all-important threesome possibility is always worth mentioning on a mix tape. Plus, men like other men, especially when there’s still at least one woman present. That way he’s still “mostly” straight Plus, you won’t have to keep that extra second dildo around. Again, thrift goes well with the possibility of a threesome. Of course, on the off chance that you only like sex with one man (ha), just chuckle about this and say you’ll never have a satisfactory threesome again after “that one time,” then just give him a lecherous look. He’ll give up mentioning it after that.

16. Monosyllabic Girl – NOFX
Women are often known to be too talkative. This is your way of saying that you are not. Perhaps you really are talkative, but at least you can point to this abbreviated song that suggests otherwise. He’ll never think twice.

17. The Technicolor Phase – Owl City
Masculinity is still key, and this tinkly song oozes with it. It’s got beeps and boops and all kinds of charisma. Plus, men can always use a bit of review on their colors. What color is the horizon again? Oh yeah, blue.

18. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon
Although there aren’t really fifty ways to leave your lover mentioned in this song (not my fault), there are definitely some key tricks. Men are always looking to escape, so this is your way of encouraging that. Now he’s confused. Does he leave (apparently with your permission) or stay (because you’re cool enough to put this on here)? He just won’t know. That way you get to decide instead. I’d suggest leaving, because this guy sounds kind of dumb.

19. Hakuna Matata – The Lion King
It means no worries.

20. The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang
A classic radio single also known as “the Mammal Song,” this cuts to the quick: sex. It not only heavily suggests fucking, but exactly how to do so. That is quite important for men, who are often confused about how to approach sex. Usually they figure out to go front-first, but that’s about it. You figure out the rest and explain, or just play this song in the background. Innuendo is like a second language to men. They just don’t know it very well sometimes.

21. Tea for the Tillerman – Cat Stevens
The secret track on this puppy is as important as any other track. That’s why you have to take it from Cat Stevens. Obscurity is almost the same as cleverness, but not quite. Plus, this song was featured in Extras, a very clever TV series.

Well, now you know how to attract men, ladies. It’s really an uphill battle, especially now that it’s so acceptable for them to be gay. If it doesn’t work the first time, just play the tape over and over again. It always works eventually. Oh, and about that cover? Robots. Any kind will do, men love them. Good luck.