Hope is a Demon Bitch

This weekend provided a rare exception to the monotony. Cori and Lindsay came down to see me and enjoy the free food. We didn’t do much, but I did finally visit the carousel museum downtown. It was nice to see people for a change. I’m hoping to come up to Lincoln at some point to visit more people.

It seems my current medication has really increased my anxiety, so I’m going to call the psychiatrist about it. It’s weird to have mental side effects from meds because they creep up on you. Anyway, partly due to that and the annoyance of having a dog, I’m sort of fed up with the new puppy. She has so much damned energy. Anyway, I’m hoping to get to a point where I can tolerate her more easily. Fortunately Dad has retired, so he’s around most of the time. He occasionally goes back in to work because he’s a glutton for punishment.

Although I have like nothing to do of late, I haven’t started reading as much. I dug out my stack of “to read” books from the boxes in my room. I’m hoping to get around to them starting tomorrow.

I’m still searching for jobs. The one I’m looking at right now is at Home Depot. I have to admit I’m not thrilled about working there, but anything would be nice at this point. I’m going to make phone calls for all of my other applications tomorrow. I might be able to get interviews somewhere else, so I’m still looking. I need to go out and apply at more places, I suppose. Ugh.

Not too long ago, a movie called the Wackness came to the Ross. It was about a young man who sees a psychiatrist and pays him with marijuana. The title comes from a line spoken by his girlfriend about how all he sees in life is the wackness, the part of life that sucks. I’ve realized that’s exactly how I see life.

Tomorrow I resume my phlebotomy class after a week-long break. Last time I was there I managed to draw one vacutainer of fake blood from a fake arm. I’m moving up in the medical industry. I wonder if I’ll be able to find a job doing venipuncture anywhere near here. I didn’t see any openings on local hospital websites for phlebotomy jobs, but there are a number of places that require plenty of lab workers.

Anyway, I’m getting ready for bed. I’m more than ready to do something more interesting tomorrow, even if it’s reading. Something is better than nothing.

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