Today, I had two dreams.

1. I dreamed I caught the swine flu. I don’t really remember much else.

2. I dreamed I ate lunch with an old friend. She was kind of critical of me and I felt bad. She told me I shouldn’t have taken Parallel Parkway instead of I-70. I didn’t really think there was a huge difference between the two. If anything, it made me want to use Parallel anyway. I’m glad she drove separately.

Besides all of that, I made chocolate lava cakes. The lava is pretty good, but the cake part sucks. It is like eating a burnt sponge filled with melted ganache.

Monday is one of the days when I go my phlebotomy class. I’m kind of tired of it, but it’s a skill I might use in the future. Tonight we decided what food people would bring on the day of the final. People take a lot of food to that class. I signed up to make butterfinger bar cookies.

Today I got my heart tested to make sure it works correctly. They had to inject me with radioactive crap twice to see how well my heart is functioning. The second time was after I had run on a treadmill for a while. It didn’t take long because I am in poor shape.

Tomorrow I have a job interview at a local government contracting firm. I will likely do some sort of programming work. I will meet with two different project heads to see if either one is interested in me. If so, I will make some money this summer.

After that I will be going to Home Depot to give them my social security card and proof of identification. I am going to be working at Home Depot. I guess my drug screening and background check came through okay. This weekend I have to get trained at a Home Depot somewhere near Buttfuck, Kansas, the heart of the heartland. Someone will have to explain why they don’t train Home Depot employees here.

I saw the Wolverine movie this weekend. I have to say I’m glad it did well, although it wasn’t great, because it will mean more movies will be made. I’ve enjoyed the X-Men series so far, so it’s good that there will be more of them.

No one thinks my suicide jokes are funny. I want to explain that suicide is not a depressing thing. It is the end of depression. The alternative to suicide is an entire life of waiting around. Everyone else thinks the choice is clear, and so do I. It’s like shouting out an answer in a classroom then having everyone stare at you because you’re obviously wrong.

Anyway, I have to get up early, so I’m going to bed.

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