Apartments, Groceries, and Moving Trucks

Well, last weekend we finally started moving into our apartment, at Fountain Glen in Lincoln. It’s a pretty nice place, although we have a lovely leak in the ceiling we need repaired. The apartment is a 2-floor, 2-bedroom, 2-bath setup, and the living arrangements are far superior to the dorms at UNL. On the other hand, I will be short on money for food, and I don’t have a job just yet, so I’ll be scraping by (on like $40 a week) unless I find a decent paycheck.

Today my grandpa took me to the Commissary on the fort to buy groceries. We got a ton of stuff, all non-perishable, including spices and soup and shit. Fortunately, our pantry is big enough that we can stash a ton of food for the long term, so I’m ready on that front. I’m supposed to start mowing his lawn (at my dad’s request) so he doesn’t have to. I should do it, but I hate mowing lawns so much that I’m reluctant. I don’t care how broke I am, if I own a home, I’m paying a mexican lad to mow the lawn. Fuck that noise.

Tomorrow we start moving the furniture into the apartment. We will be loading a U-Haul in Liberty and Leavenworth starting pretty early, then chilling for whatever’s left of the day. On Saturday, we’re heading up to Lincoln yet again to unload the truck, which I’m not looking forward to. The combination of apartment stairs and heavy-ass furniture does not thrill me.

Shit, I should say something funny. Yesterday, I went to see Damon Wayans, Jr. at the comedy club at Legends. The main 2 acts were decent, but pretty raunchy in a non-funny way. The opening act was crappy. I could have ad-libbed something better. The best thing I could come up with at the time was a joke about how Dave & Busters would charge you for the bathroom. “Nobody wins in the bathroom,” I would say. Maybe I’m not so funny after all.

My biggest concern of late has been searching for what I’m going to do after next year. I have really no idea what interests me in math or CS, and the one class I want to take this fall (Automata Theory) is full, so I might have to miss out on that. I suppose I should work harder at “self-starting” so I could probably learn a shit ton of stuff all on my own. That seems like it would take time and effort, and I’m lazy.

Right now I’m watching the second Tomb Raider movie. It’s not as neat as the original, but I suppose it has some positives. The DVD cover amuses me because Angelina Jolie’s right boob is dead center. It’s a good example of how the movie was marketed. I bought this for $3 at a garage sale. It cost slightly less than my bitchin’ gaming chair, for which I exceed the weight limit by about 70 pounds and a couple of feet in height.

Speaking of being a fatass, I need to lose some weight. My goal this fall is to get in reasonable shape so that I can cosplay as Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible (Alan would be Dr. Horrible and Cori would do Penny). Of course at this rate I probably won’t make it in time, especially given my ice cream consumption. I think I’m going to do the “power station” thing at the rec center. That seems like a good way to lose some fat.

In other news, Kingdom Hearts II is a steaming pile of shit. It’s sort of unfortunate because I looked forward to it for so long, but I can no longer look past its flaws. So I stopped playing it in favor of replaying Metroid Prime 3. I think I might just give up on the KH franchise now. I loved the first game both times I played it, so maybe that was enough. I suppose I can hang on to the original game for later in life. Then again, by that point all of my childish optimism will have shriveled like a funny, shriveled thing, so I might just sell the damned thing.

This afternoon, I got my March of Dimes volunteer box in the mail. I mail out like a dozen cards to people in the neighborhood asking for money. I also donate some. It’s a pretty easy way to help out, and although I should remember how much I made doing this in 2007, I do not. It was high, though.

I need to write a letter to the dean of students asking for re-admission to UNL. I’m not particularly looking forward to starting that process, but I have made some first steps. The sooner I take care of it, the sooner I can get back to Lincoln. I plan on moving back in August so I can take care of some of the judicial crap and find a new psychologist. I’m hoping CAPS will just assign me one. Plus, being in Lincoln will be more fun and social, which I will enjoy.

My July looks pretty dull, though. I will be starting the re-admission process and hopefully a phlebotomy clinical in Leavenworth. I’m on a pseudo-waiting list to intern at Cushing Hospital. I need to arrange shit with the guy in charge, who is naturally on vacation until next Wednesday. My therapist is also on vacation, so I will have to call her about communicating with Dr. Portnoy, the director of CAPS at the health center. That’s Counseling and Psychological Services to the uninitiated.

I pre-ordered the next Don Hertzfeldt DVD (“i am so proud of you”) and an art print for about $50, my one splurge of the summer. I highly recommend the film, but of course I’ll probably make you all watch it anyway, so get ready. I’m also reading through the entirety of Calvin & Hobbes, which has drastically cut into my non-cartoon reading time. I’m more than 2/3 of the way through, so when I finish, I’m going to step up the actual book reading. For real.

I guess that’s about all that’s going on. I’m honestly looking forward to some stuff, which is a good sign. I need to figure out my schedule for the fall, especially if one class is full (Maybe I can sympathy my way in. Also, I’m a senior.). My short-term goal is just to get a fucking degree and move on. I don’t know about grad school yet, but I’ve heard a year off is overrated and I don’t want a real job just yet. I mean, I don’t know what I’d be doing, and I doubt it would be very much fun. But who knows. Sigh.

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